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Love the life you live… Live the life you love. – Bob Marley

My name is Sam Shupak and this is my story …

I was born and raised in the Piney Woods of deep East Texas. I grew up with my younger brother and two parents who loved us. I loved playing sports but I loved hunting and fishing even more. Growing up I wore out a lot of boots, waders, fishing reels, and truck tires hunting deer at my family’s ranch, ducks in the sloughs, and fishing with my buddies. I don’t know how you can ask for much more than that…

I always had a love for music. I’d be the one singing along to the radio cruising with my friends. Before long, my friends were asking me to play my guitar at bonfires and get togethers. We had some great times. I sang an open mic at a dancehall in a nearby town. Two days later I opened for a great band in front of a crowd of college kids. Over the next few years I opened for many of the Texas and Nashville artists who came through. I learned what songs the audience loved and how to play them. I had fun and so did they.

I headed to college after graduation. I also worked on a hunting ranch, filling feeders and trapping hogs. I kept playing music the whole time. I’d get up early and work at the wildlife ranch, then practice with my band at night. I played lots of dance halls and events across Texas. Working on the ranch gave me a lot of alone time to think. This is where I first started writing my own songs. 

In 2015, I toured as the opening act of the Yee Yee Nation tour with Granger Smith. I drove 7,000 miles with my guitar, a glock, and my truck bed full of t-shirts. A lot of times I would drive through the night after the show. I slept in my truck more than once. I didn’t mind. It was all part of the ride. I made some great memories like a night in Montana when I had to stop for 20 minutes to let a herd of elk cross the highway. The thermostat showed -18 degrees. I’d never seen that many elk or stars before. Along the way, I met hard-core country music fans from the beaches of SoCal to the snowy mountains in Denver. Night after night I watched Granger and his team work their tails off to give their audience a great show. I also found people liked my music the way they did in Texas.

The tour gave me a little bit of music know how and a lot of commitment to pursue music as a career. I learned I needed good songs of my own so I saved my money and headed to Nashville. I spent my time there writing songs, recording, and making friends. I bounced back and forth between Texas and Nashville. I kept a busy music schedule playing over a 100 dates a year. 

I released my first radio single "Something Blue" in 2018.  It eclipsed Top 40 on the US Music Row Country chart as did my second single "Smooth Sailing" in 2019.   We just released my debut album "Angelina" and my current radio single "Her Own Kind of Beautiful" is making its way up the charts.   My band and I are playing shows and working to grow our fan base. We are paying our dues, learning every day, and enjoying the ride. My song “Sweet Texas Nights” says, “there’s nothing wrong with taking chances as long as you’ve got something to prove.” That sums up where I’m at. We’ve got big dreams and a long journey… I hope to see you along the way.

Sam Shupak